Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the executive body of the Association. It has the right and duty to manage the affairs of the Association and to represent it. The Steering Committee has two members:

Att. Stéphanie Noël

Avocat à la Cour (Paris Bar) & EU/EFTA Attorney-at-Law (Geneva Bar)

Att. Dr. Virginie Tassin Campanella

Avocat à la Cour (Paris Bar) & EU/EFTA Attorney-at-Law (Zürich Bar) Dr. in Law (Melbourne & Sorbonne) Vice President of the Scientific Council of INDEMER (Monaco)

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the Steering Committee on strategic orientations. It is composed by individuals of recognized authority and demonstrated expertise in international law, hard science and other social sciences. They participate in their personal capacity.

James Bacchus

Professor of Global Affairs Director of the Center for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity, University of Central Florida (GEEO)

Chad Blackman

Senior Advisor to the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), former Barbados’ Ambassador to the World Trade Organization and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Offices in Geneva

Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

Professor, Faculty of Law, Geneva
Incumbent of the Chaire Avenir Commun Durable at the Collège de France

Emmanuelle Butaud-Stubbs

Secretary General of the French Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Edgar Cabrera

Member Regional Planning Group Tropical Americas and Caribbean Region, UN Decade Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development, former Chief Ocean Affairs Division of the World Meteorological Organization

Crispin Conroy

Director, NSW State Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia, former Representative Director of the ICC in Geneva and Permanent Observer/Ambassador to the United Nations

Françoise Gaill

Vice President of the Ocean & Climate Platform for Science, Scientific Advisor at CNRS INEE for the Ocean

Dr. Nanqing Jiang

Dr. Nanqing Jiang

Secretary-General, Committee of Green Circular and Inclusive Development of All-China Environment Federation (CGCI-ACEF), Director, Institute of Carbon Neutral and Circular Economy (ICNCE)

Amb. Prof. Muhammadou M.O. Kah

Ambassador of The Republic of the Gambia to the Swiss confederation & Permanent Representative to the UN Office at Geneva, World Trade Organisation (WTO), and other international organizations at Geneva, Switzerland

Emery Rubagenga

CEO of ROKA Global Resources, Chairman of Sager Ganza Microfinance, co-founder of Ishango Investment Ltd & Honorary Consul of Barbados in Rwanda

Articles of Association